Regulations Update – Version 1.1

Some small changes have been made to the Nugget Nationals regulations, after we received some queries from a number of entrants and to improve safety. Here’s a run down of the specific clauses that have been altered:

* Clause T12 (b) regarding guard modifications has been clarified to exactly define the area in which guards may be modified and Figure 1 has been added to illustrate this point.
* Clause T4 (a) now includes the wording “excluding any fees or registration costs.” to not unfairly advantage those who buy cheaper unregistered or un-roadworthy cars
* Clause T3 (a) regarding the total budget for preparing a nugget now “excludes any safety devices” to entrants to use good quality safety equipment without compromising on price
* Wheel spacer thickness has been limited by adding “with thickness no greater than 25mm” to clause T8 (c)
* Section T8 (d) has been added “(d) Wheel nuts must have a minimum of one stud diameter of engagement on the wheel stud eg. an M12x1.5 wheel nut must engage the stud by 12mm or 8 full turns.” to ensure the safety of our precious Nuggets from unintended wheel departures.

Remember that if you’ve got any issues with the regulations, drop us an email at! The full regulations can be read HERE.