Round 1: Dyno day results and point allocation

With the majority of the Nugget events being motorsport orientated, we decided to allocate points a little differently for our dyno round.

To assist the power challenged Nuggets, we’ve awarded points in reverse order.

This means that the Nuggets with the lowest kilowatts have been awarded the highest points for round 1!

Just a reminder that this is a driver’s challenge so where there are multiple drivers of one Nugget, each driver will be awarded the points individually to contribute towards their final end of season tally.

Points: 200
Power: 20.9kw
Entrant: Andrew
Nugget: Daihatsu Mira


Points: 195
Power: 32.8kw
Entrant: Nugkama one
Nugget: Nissan Micra


Points: 185
Power: 39.6kw
Entrant: Nugkama two
Nugget: Nissan Micra


Points: 180
Power: 41.5
Entrant: Henry
Nugget: Toyota Echo


Points: 175
Power: 42.0
Entrant: Mathew
Nugget: Honda Civic


Points: 175
Power: 42.0
Entrant: Thomas
Nugget: Honda Civic


Points: 170
Power: 45.7
Entrant: Team Roto Boti (Adam and Viv)
Nugget: Daihatsu Sirion GTVI


Points: 165
Power: 47.2kw
Entrant: Team Neverlift (Seb, Iain and Ilhan)
Nugget: Honda Civic


Points: 160
Power: 50kw (Dyno operator estimate)
Entrant: Gwyn
Nugget: Honda Civic Shuttle


Points: 155
Power: 50.2
Entrant: Brendan
Nugget: Honda Civic


Points: 150
Power: 52.4
Entrant: Chris
Nugget: Honda Civic


Points: 145
Power: 52.6
Entrant: Ying
Nugget: Toyota Echo Sportivo


Points: 140
Power: 56.7
Entrant: Daniel
Nugget: Suzuki Swift GTI



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