Round 3: Wakefield track day results

3rd November, 2014

After a night in (what felt like) the Antarctic, the first EXE / Nugget Nationals interstate track day was finally upon us!

With the Melbourne crew rolling 25 deep, we were joined by 15 of our friends from Sydney.


As the Melbourne drivers went out to familiarise themselves with the track (some for the first time), a few were caught out in the trickier corners of the circuit.


As a side serving, the Wakefield track day was also being used as our 3rd round of Nugget Nationals.

1:20.4 for Henry’s Echo.


As much as some of us would’ve liked to have been driving our other cars at this day, there was no denying that Wakefield is possibly one of the best tracks for those behind the wheel of an underpowered sub 1500cc vehicle.

1:16.6 for Tom’s civic,


1:25.2 for Jake’s 323.


1:17.6 & 1:18.1 for the co driven Sirion of Viv and Millsy.


In a very hotly contested battle between Ying and the Sirion boys, Ying came out victorious by the slightest of margins with a 1:17.2.

10744807_10152827149569919_237946295_n (1)

Chris was also still out there smashing out some solid lap time in his nugget!


1:16.0 in the little red Civic.


Here are the final results as recorded via RaceChrono.


As the day drew to an end, there were happy faces all around.

A big thank you to the rest of EXE crew for making this day possible. We’ve learned a few things (sorry about the timing) to bring back for our next track day here.

An additional shout out to the Nuggets Nat’s competitors that made the journey. Some of you guys left your actual track cars at home to bring them along so, thank you for your support!


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