After purchasing the Civic many years ago and banishing it to the back of the yard, Seb’s revived the old ED as his Nugget track car. Here is his story…

1) Name -Sebastian Quirit

2) Nugget car of choice – NEVERLIFT 1991 Honda ED6 nugget extraordinaire

3) Other cars – R34 skyline 4 door daily and S13.4 track hack

4) How did you hear about Nugget nationals? – Long time friend Ying Bot murmured rumours of an inexpensive race series that she was working on. I was in before she even finished the sentence!

5) What made you want to join Nugget nationals? – The thought of thrashing the life out of a poor little nugget and not caring what happens to it really enticed me. Having never driven a FWD in anger I knew this series would help my driving immensely.

6) Why did you pick the car you have to be your Nugget vehicle of choice? – Honestly it was pure chance that I bought this car many years ago and it was sitting in my parents’ back yard because I was too ashamed to drive it. Now I cant wait to get behind the wheel and valve bounce it down the straights at Winton.

7) What is your favourite thing/feature about your Nugget? – The NEVERLIFT civic was a big joke from day 1. Our plan (tongue in cheek) was to build the car look to like a Porsche GT3RS hence the grey/red colour scheme. My favourite thing is the reaction it gets from people.

8) A random fact about you – In some cases I do actually LIFT!

9) Funniest thing about your car? – The roof guttering side skirts and side exit exhaust always make me smile.

Shout out to Iain Murray and Illy Billy -The other 2 creeps from Team NEVERLIFT. Cant wait to smash PB’s again with exe-crew and all the other Nugget Nationals competitors!



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