1) Name – Tom Bullock

2) Nugget car of choice – 1989 Honda Civic 25XT Limited Edition

3) Other cars – Honda CR-X SiR, Honda Integra Type R and a few others

4) How did you hear about Nugget nationals? – Ying Bot told me of her idea to run a series focused on low cost motorsport, something I’ve always been a big fan of, and from that point on there was no escape.

5) What made you want to join Nugget nationals? – As above, and my daily car already fit the rules. Very convenient.

6) Why did you pick the car you have to be your Nugget vehicle of choice? – I already had the car, but if I hadn’t I still would have picked an ED/EF Civic since they’re a (semi)modern classic. Independent suspension, good aftermarket support, stylish looks and two carburettors make it the best choice.

7) What is your favourite thing/feature about your Nugget? – My favourite thing about my nugget is the same thing I liked about my old Micra (RIP Paddington), it’s almost always ready for the track with no fuss, and no constant replacement of consumables like tyres and brake pads.

8) A random fact about you. – ) I spent more time last year working on my Nugget than on the actual dedicated track car that I’ve been working on for a while.

9) Funniest thing about your Nugget – For a long time I had to hot wire my car direct from the battery to the starter motor, due to a dodgy connection where I had modified the old wiring to the automatic shifter (the car used to be automatic). I had to be careful not to spin and stall it on track.



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