Zac​ from Techsport stops by to talk about the rare and previously undocumented Tommi Mak Edition Nugget! #TMENUG

1) Name – Zac Edwards

2) Nugget car of choice – The Silver Bullet (2003 Mitsubishi Marage)

3) Other cars – Peugeot’s: 403 rally car, 404 ute, 504, 405MI16,
Mitsubishi’s: Triton, Lancer coupe(1.5 turbo) and some other projects…….

4) How did you hear about Nugget nationals? – A liked Facebook post

5) What made you want to join Nugget nationals? Because cheap Motorsport is the best fun!

6) Why did you pick the car you have to be your Nugget vehicle of choice? There was to many in the back yard at work.

7) What is your favourite thing/feature about your Nugget? The fact that it only cost $250!!!

8) Funniest thing about your Nugget? The driver’s seat that came from a burnt out EVO VI.

9) A random fact about you? – I once patted a pink dolphin.



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