Nugget Nationals 2018 – Round 3, Dyno Day

Round 3 of Nugget Nationals again saw our fleet of under powered vehicles congregate at Weltmeister Eastside.

To assist the power challenged Nuggets in the track rounds, we’ve awarded points a little differently and in reverse order.

This means that the Nuggets with the lowest kilowatts have been awarded the highest points for Round 3!

1st place: 46.0kw
Driver: Josh Gellatly and Mitch Gilmour
Nugget: 2003 Mitsubishi Mirage


2nd place: 51.0
Driver: Mark Van Der Veen
Nugget: 1995 Nissan Micra


3rd place: 51.8
Driver: Matthew James and Anthony Falkch
Nugget: 1991 Toyota Paseo


4th place: 57.5
Driver: Iain Murray
Nugget: 1990 Hondor Civic


A full photo album of all the cars in attendance can be found over at the Nugget Nationals Facebook page.  


Nugget Nationals 2017 – Round 3, Dyno Day

Round 3 of Nugget Nationals again saw our fleet of under powered vehicles congregate at Weltmeister Eastside.

To assist the power challenged Nuggets in the track rounds, we’ve awarded points a little differently and in reverse order.

This means that the Nuggets with the lowest kilowatts have been awarded the highest points for Round 3!

1st place: 47.0kw
Driver: Mark Van Der Veen
Nugget: 1995 Nissan Micra

2nd place: 48.6kw
Driver: Liam Murphy/Zac Edwards
Nugget: 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage

3rd place: 49.8kw
Driver: Shannon Swiderski
Nugget: 1994 Hyundai Excel

4th place: 50.7kw
Driver: Tommy Chan
Nugget: 1995 Toyota Paseo

5th place: 51.3kw
Driver: Viv Dilkes-Frayne/Adam Mills
Nugget: 2000 Daihatsu Sirion

6th place: 61.6kw
Driver: Thomas Loo/Lawrence Ho
Nugget: 2003 Honda Jazz

A full photo album of all the cars in attendance can be found over at the Nugget Nationals Facebook page. 

Nugget Nationals 2016 – Round 2, Dyno Day

Round 2 of Nugget Nationals saw a flock of tiny cars congregate around Weltmeister Eastside.


As usual, we sent the invite out to our other friends to come join us for a BBQ on an unexpectedly pleasant winter day (I’ll cover this off in the Part II post).

To assist the power challenged Nuggets in the track rounds, we’ve awarded points a little differently and in reverse order.

This means that the Nuggets with the lowest kilowatts have been awarded the highest points for Round 2!


Photo: Brett

Thanks to Brett for helping us with photo coverage on the day! His full coverage here on his flicker account averyclevertitle

* For cars with two drivers, points will be awarded to each person.
* Results may change as I will be dynoing my Echo this weekend at Weltmesiter.

(Provisional) Results are as follows!

1st place: 34.6KW
Driver: Choonga
Nugget: 1981 Toyota Corolla KE70



Choonga watermelon plushie used as a G meter.


Hoshino’s on loan from the collection of JP.

Free cars are the best cars.

Free cars are the best cars.

2nd place: 44.1 KW
Driver: Hayden
Nugget: 1998 Toyota Starlet Life EP91

28111629101_ed66582150_z (1)

Photo: Brett

3rd place: 45.4 KW
Driver: Millsy and Viv
Nugget: 2000 Daihatsu Sirion GTVI


4th place: 48.1 KW
Driver: Thomas JB
Nugget: 1989 Honda Civic EF


5th place: 48.3 KW
Driver: Liam and Zac
Nugget: 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage CE

28189668805_4478b0a8fd_z (1)

Photo: Brett

6th place: 50.1 KW
Driver: Jarrod and Gab
Nugget: Toyota Echo



Also sporting wild new aero!

7th place: 50.9 KW
Driver: Harry
Nugget: 2002 Holden Barina


8th place: 55.2 KW
Driver: Daniel
Nugget: 1993 Honda Civic EG


9th place: 57.5 KW
Driver: Nathan
Nugget: 2005 Toyota Echo Sportivo


Photo: Brett

27573779284_c6d4a99b07_z (1)

Nugget photo of the day by Brett!

10th place: 59.0 KW
Driver: Human Perry
Nugget: 2002 Mazda 2 DY


Photo taken seconds after a bee flew off Perry's hair.

Not to be confused with car Perry.

11th place: 59.4 KW
Driver: Thomas L
Nugget: 2003 Honda Jazz VTI


12th place: 60.0 KW
Driver: Ricky
Nugget: 1993 Honda Civic EG


13th place: 60.8 KW
Driver: Jase
Nugget: 2002 Toyota Echo Sportivo


See you at the next event!


Nugget Nationals 2016 – Round 1, Winton Raceway

On April the 3rd we gathered old and new nuggets alike at Winton Raceway for our second season of Nugget Nationals.

As the cars rolled in, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a one make series with all the Echo’s that were present around the pits in the morning!


Photo credit: Brett Swain

With drivers briefing out of the way…


Photo credit: Ajay Rodriquez

…It was time to hit the freshly resurfaced track!


Photo credit: Ajay Rodriquez

1st Place: 1:48.2
Driver: Ying Bot
Nugget: 2002 Toyota Echo Sportivo

Leaving it until the 11th hour, Ying managed to snatch first place honours on her very last lap of the day.


Photo credit: Andy Szeto

2nd Place: 1:48.5
Driver: Viv Dilkes-Frayne
Nugget: 2001 Daihatsu Sirion GTVI

Viv didn’t waste any time by setting down a stonking lap time very early in the morning. A good strategy on his behalf as the car ran out of brake pads later in the day.


Photo credit: Happiness by the Killowatts

3rd Place: 1:49.1
Driver: Daniel Jon
Nugget: 1993 Honda Civic

Dan’s D15 powered Civic was another nugget that joined the forties club. He also wins my award for best wheels on a Nugget!


Photo credit: Daniel Jon

4th Place: 1:50.9
Driver: Liam Murphy
Nugget: 2003 Mitsubishi Mirage

Itsa Mitsy! The only Mitsubishi in the field this season, Liam is getting closer to breaking into the 40Nug club.

IMG_0456 (Large)

5th Place: 1:51.6
Driver: Thomas Bullock
Nugget: 2001 Daihatsu Sirion GTVI

Unfortunately Tom’s CRX was a last minute drop out so he took the Sirion out and subsequently destroyed the remaining brake pads it had left. He also commented that the car was not very enjoyable to drive.

6th Place: 1:52.1
Driver: Blandon Le
Nugget: 2002 Toyota Echo

After competing in our final NSW round last year, Blandon had made the trip down from Sydney to compete again. When he wasn’t being rescued from the gravel trap, he set a fantastic lap time for his first attempt at this track in a small block Echo!


7th Place:  1:52.6
Driver:  Ricky Wong
Nugget:  1993 Honda Civic

Another Winton cherry popped and another nugget in the 1:52’s. Well done Ricky!


Photo credit: Brett Swain

8th Place:  1:53.8
Driver:  Hayden Ryan
Nugget:  1998 Toyota Starlet

One of our earliest supporters, it’s great to see Hayden with us again this year!


Photo credit: Brett Swain

9th Place: 1:54.1
Driver: Harry Toumbos
Nugget: 2004 Holden Barina

Nugget National’s first ever Holden entry looking super cool with a splitter and purple Sprint Harts.


10th Place: 1:54.5
Driver: Matthew Doyle
Nugget: 1995 Mazda 121

Possibly the most photographed Nugget, Matt is testimony that practice makes perfect managing a new PB for himself today.


Photo credit: Andy Szeto

11th Place: 1:55.6
Driver: Paride Palmeri
Nugget: 2003 Toyota Echo

Paride liberated this Echo from his mum and it’s never looked better (despite unfortunately hitting a kangaroo on the way to the track that morning). Fully utilising his skills from bubbleblue, Paride gets bonus style points for matching his self designed livery to his self made cage!


Photo credit: Brett Swain

12th Place: 1:55.7
Driver: Jarrod Florence
Nugget: 2005 Toyota Echo

Another new entrant was Jarrod in the Area 57 Echo.


Photo credit: Andy Szeto

13th Place: 1:56.5
Driver: Jase Quach
Nugget: 2005 Toyota Echo Sportivo

No stranger to a race track, Jase was out in his newly purchased Sportivo setting a base lap time in stock mode.


Photo credit: Happiness by the Kilowatts

14th Place: 1:58.6
Driver: David Donnoli
Nugget: 2001 Toyota Echo

15th Place: 1:58.8
Driver: James Donnoli
Nugget: 2001 Toyota Echo

In some fierce sibling rivalry, the Donnoli brothers ended up with lap times split by .2 of a second. Older brother David ended up with ultimate bragging rights as the faster of the two…but only just.


Photo credit: Brett Swain

16th Place: 1:59.8
Driver: Gabriel Perri
Nugget: 2005 Toyota Echo

A joint entry for the Area 57 Echo. Super realiable Toyota’s FTW.


17th Place: 2:01.1
Driver: Douglas Eves
Nugget: 2005 Toyota Echo

If a joint entry isn’t enough, how about a triple entered Echo? Brother from another mother Doug rounds out the Donnoli crew entry.


18th Place: 2:06.4
Driver: Jess Hoare
Nugget: 1995 Mazda 121

A joint entry for the little police bubble. Jess also took a massive chunk out of her previous PB.


Photo credit: Andy Szeto

19th and 20th Place: DNS
Driver: Seb Quirit and Iain Murray
Nugget: 1991 Honda Civic

Unfortunately new aero and colour coded streamers weren’t enough with Team Neverlift retiring early due to mechanical issues.


Thank yous:

As always my eternal thanks to EXE crew and our friends who come out to support the day, drive, wave flags and take photos for us. Honestly one of the easiest track days we’ve ever run with everyone pitching in to help and being super well behaved.

See you for round 2!

More photos:

Check out the photo albums below for all the other cars in attendance.
Andy Szeto, Happiness by the Kilowatts, Ajay Rodriquez, Brett Swain, Peter McGilvery


Photo credit: Andy Szeto

2015 Nugget Nationals Round 3: Winton

On Sunday the 13th of September, we tagged along to the EXE track day to hold round 3 of Nugget Nationals.

You know it’s going to be a good day, when you pull back the curtains and see an AZ1 parked outside in the cabin next to yours.

The Nugget Echo’s have been the strong front runners ensuring their attendance at every event.

Stuart was here for his first track day in the Nugget Mirage which he had picked up for $350!


Although the addition of the fancy  colour coded cage in it didn’t make it look very Nuggety anymore!

Iain was the only member of Team Neverlift to make it down for the weekend. I was sent an SMS from his team mate Seb in the morning to make sure I kept an eye on Iain.

“Make sure he doesn’t kill my car!”

Look at that sinister smirk. Iain later returned the car to Seb with it only firing on 3 cylinders…

With the Nugget competitors lined up on the grid and perfect temperatures, it was going to be a very interesting day for PB’s.

In fact ALL of the Nugget competitors PB’d.

When we first started this series over a year ago, many people had supported us and thought it was a cute idea, but I’m sure not many people would have thought that Nuggets would actually be competitive against the higher powered cars on track.

But boy, did the Nuggets bring it this weekend with FIVE of the competitors cracking into the 1:4x’s and separated by less than a second.

Yes, we’re talking cars with less than 55kw at the wheels placing well in a field of 60 cars. To say we were proud organisers would be an absolute understatement.

Thanks to Kalt, Lime Imagery and Happiness by the Kilowatts for some of the photos I’ve used below.

First Place: David Napo
Nugget: Honda Civic
Lap time: 1:48.45

Second Place: Viv “Van Dyke”
Nugget: Daihatsu Sirion Gtvi
Lap time: 1:48.76

Third Place: Adam Mills
Nugget: Daihatsu Sirion Gtvi
Lap time: 1:48.85

Fourth Place: Henry Luong
Nugget: Toyota Echo Sportivo
Lap time: 1:49.28


Fifth Place: Ying Bot
Nugget: Toyota Echo Sportivo
Lap time: 1:49.40


Sixth Place: Brendan Dutton
Nugget: Honda Civic
Lap time: 1:50.64

Seventh Place: Iain Mccowan
Nugget: Honda Civic
Lap time: 1:50.87

Eighth Place: Hayden Ryan
Nugget: Toyota Starlet
Lap time: 1:53.37


Ninth Place: Stuart Chambers
Nugget: Mitsubishi Mirage
Lap time: 1:55.12


Tenth Place: Matt Doyle
Nugget: Mazda 121
Lap time: 1:56.69

As some of the usual Nuggets were unable to attend, it’ll be interesting to see how the overall series leader board looks after this round before we head to Wakefield in NSW for round 4!

Here we have, Dan’s AZ1 which is definitely no Nugget.

In fact it was my (and many other people’s) favourite car out on the track that day.

He was running the Autozam on 165/50R15 Achilles ATR K Sport tyres and I believe he may take honours at Winton for being the fastest Kei Car(?) with a time of 1:53.14!

As always a big thanks to our good friends at EXE crew for letting the Nuggets tag along.

Well done to all the competitors who continue to surprise everyone and set some great lap times. You all earned your PB’s.

Well done little ones!

2015 Season Information


Here’s some basic information you need to know if you’re going to be competing in 2015.

    1)SERIES SIGN UP (Open now):

If you have not previously registered for Nugget Nationals, you will need to register yourself and your car with us using this form:

If you registered with us in 2014, you won’t need to sign up again. If you don’t want to continue to receive updates on the series by email, just let us know and we’ll remove you from the list of registered participants.

    2) REGISTRATION FEE (Email to follow):

In order to help us make this series official we’ll be charging a small registration fee this year. In return for your money you’ll receive a sweet merchandise pack and the opportunity to win a real life trophy!


In the coming weeks, we’ll let you know via email and Facebook when the Nugget Nationals Winton track day entry forms are open.

    4) EVENT CALENDAR (Stay tuned)

We’ll release the full calendar of events soon!

Round 3: Wakefield track day results

3rd November, 2014

After a night in (what felt like) the Antarctic, the first EXE / Nugget Nationals interstate track day was finally upon us!

With the Melbourne crew rolling 25 deep, we were joined by 15 of our friends from Sydney.


As the Melbourne drivers went out to familiarise themselves with the track (some for the first time), a few were caught out in the trickier corners of the circuit.


As a side serving, the Wakefield track day was also being used as our 3rd round of Nugget Nationals.

1:20.4 for Henry’s Echo.


As much as some of us would’ve liked to have been driving our other cars at this day, there was no denying that Wakefield is possibly one of the best tracks for those behind the wheel of an underpowered sub 1500cc vehicle.

1:16.6 for Tom’s civic,


1:25.2 for Jake’s 323.


1:17.6 & 1:18.1 for the co driven Sirion of Viv and Millsy.


In a very hotly contested battle between Ying and the Sirion boys, Ying came out victorious by the slightest of margins with a 1:17.2.

10744807_10152827149569919_237946295_n (1)

Chris was also still out there smashing out some solid lap time in his nugget!


1:16.0 in the little red Civic.


Here are the final results as recorded via RaceChrono.


As the day drew to an end, there were happy faces all around.

A big thank you to the rest of EXE crew for making this day possible. We’ve learned a few things (sorry about the timing) to bring back for our next track day here.

An additional shout out to the Nuggets Nat’s competitors that made the journey. Some of you guys left your actual track cars at home to bring them along so, thank you for your support!