Meet the man who sold his Evo and bought 849 Echo’s instead!

1) Name – Henry Luong

2) Nugget car of choice – 2001 Toyota Echo Sportivo

3) Other cars – Evo 8MR & 7

4) How did you hear about Nugget nationals? – A brief discussion with Ying at 100mm Docklands during the beginning of 2014 facilitated and persuaded her decision into composing a small event we now know as Nugget nationals.

5) What made you want to join Nugget nationals? – It’s was (and still is) a cheap alternative to race with a nugget compared to racing with my Evo (less than half the cost I would normally spend per event, which means I can race twice as much and get more seat time!). I also wanted to improve my driving stills by driving a vehicle without ABS/AYC/ACD and any other 3 letter acronyms you can think of.

6) Why did you pick the car you have to be your Nugget vehicle of choice? – A sporty, small and ECHO-nomical (ha, see what I did there) car that could be my daily driver (air con was a must) that I could drive to work, do my errands in, park it anywhere I wanted without fearing it would get stolen and transform into a race car a few times a year.

7) What is your favourite thing/feature about your Nugget? – It has to be the Cusco front strut brace from the previous owner. Toyota Echos are known to pull some serious G’s in the corners along with its off the scale torque reading from the 1.5L VVTi engine; the strut brace helps the chassis from flexing and turning it into a raspberry twist.

8) Funniest thing about your Nugget – The mods cost as much as the car itself…

9) A random fact about you – I can cook two minute noodles in one minute and 59 seconds.



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