Trev believes that if you’re unsuccessful in selling your spare parts online, the best option is to buy another car to fit them back on and track it!

1) Name: Trev

2) Nugget car of choice?
Nissan Micra LX

3) Other cars you own or have owned?
3x Datsun 1600’s
Datsun Stanza GX,
Toyota Aurion ZR6
Custom designed Datsun powered Locost Clubman

4) How did you hear about Nugget nationals?
Website and word of mouth.

5) What made you want to join Nugget nationals?
I had some K11 Micra parts laying around that no one wanted to buy on gumtree. So i decided to get another Micra to use them.

6) Why did you pick the car you have to be your Nugget vehicle of choice?
I had a K11 Micra Super S that i bought in 1996 and drove as my daily for 12 years. I missed it, so had to have another even though there are better performance options available for this category.

7) What is your favourite thing/feature about your Nugget?
I can drive it hard all day on one tank of fuel and not have to turn a spanner on it or trailer it around.

8) Funniest thing about your Nugget?
Fitting a $1000 worth of suspension to a car worth $200.

9) A random fact about you?
My track day motto is, “Drive it like you stole it.”